4.7: do you want the truth or something beautiful?

Four again, but now it's much more and better. The happiness of not having arrived to five yet, which you get closer everyday. Which makes you smile. Which makes you dance. Which makes you sing. Which makes you travel 30 minutes away, even though you'll be alone for a while. Which makes you listen to more music. Which gives you energy. Which gives you happiness. Which will give you more and more.


4.1: blame it on the boogie

Without saying a word, you can light up my darkness. I'll admit it. But I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure which of you does. Sorry, for avoiding you, and I'm sorry for you, for avoiding me. Should I say bye to both? My friend said:
-as long as you can take advantage, don't be generous.

don't blame it on sunshine, don't blame it on moonlight


3.4: out from under

Can't you see i'm not getting well? You're just hurting me, between this spines i'm getting blood all over the places. Everywhere. I can't do nothing to make it better. You can, you just won't. Because you're too busy with sardines, yes sardines, the fish, why? i don't know, but you replaced them for me, maybe they are more tasty and sassy, as she'd say. She said the truth, even though she hasn't got anything to do with this, she's been helping me to get: out from under. I wished she was here, to tell you that you're wasting your time. Won't you come and help me to escape, to escape together? No you won't, you're just too far away. 30 minutes away, that's where my sparkle went to. You've been awfully unfair not doing anything, letting me with all the effort. Bye. Enough of all of this, as I said: BYE (.)


2·7: dreamer

I hope to fly high enough and reach one of your wings. If not I'll fall down to where I was, and get upset with my self. But which of the two wings should I reach first? The coloured one, or the shiny one? Who knows the right wing to catch? What are you doing to my head? It's thinking too much, what are you doing to me?
Sorry, i won't do anything until my mind is clean, white love. <3


2.0-the great escape

you can't find her~ everyday you feel a little curse


1.0: i can't fly, but i want his wings

because I do like you, I do like you today

-I don't know, I guessed it just happened..
-I told you, I don't know! Why do you keep asking me all this questions?
-just because I never want to forget how all this began
-I thought that the other day you said, CARPE DIEM,didn't you mean that?
-of course, but why shouldn't we live all the moments in our lifes?
-then let's go, and escape
-I now where, (...) somewhere over the rainbow