The bell that never rang

She was sitting in her living-room at the sofa, waiting that he rang her bell. She could wait, she was patient, but she waited. She had time to watch a movie, go out with her friends, go out to have dinner, go home and watch another movie. Still, her bell didn't rang. It took two months to ring. Finally, thought it rang. Some peoples bell will never ring, or maybe just is gonna be a fake call. So fake that you'd run directly to see through the little glass from the door, and no one was there.
LIVE YOUR LIFE, they'll rang you, but you'll never know when(this doesn't matter) just LIVE :)


Hello people! :) Anyways i'm gonna make a (random) list about thinks i like:

-norah jones
-my friends
-fatima's humor
-lidia's life
-paula's style
-cesc and laia's dance moves
-curial's way of decorating all the places he goes to
-julia's smile
-adri's and irene's special street
-me and irene dancing sardanes when we stayed one minute without saying completely nothing
-sara and her music group
-jules' nice fun life
-music videos
-us singing christmas carols and recording them
-eating marshmallows
-having fun at my english classes with the teacher
-french class with my very best classmate
-sitting in my puff
-being inside my bed in winter time
-talking about illusions
-crazy memories
-going away all of us with the bus
-dreams that come true
-you (even you aren't here)
-anu & the boys
-pearl & the puppets
-lisa mitchell
-a fine frenzy
-beauty in the world
-the bird and the bee
(.......... and others............ )

So now i've written some of my favourite things which i can hardly live with out them!

Anyways today here there's elections I decided i was gonna open a blog and here I am.
I watch a lot APM a program which they make fun about things that happened during the week, it's one of the best shows ever!

--> Firstly let me say it's eight o'clock, and I'm already hungry, so i'm gonna go eat something !

emma :)