Hello people! :) Anyways i'm gonna make a (random) list about thinks i like:

-norah jones
-my friends
-fatima's humor
-lidia's life
-paula's style
-cesc and laia's dance moves
-curial's way of decorating all the places he goes to
-julia's smile
-adri's and irene's special street
-me and irene dancing sardanes when we stayed one minute without saying completely nothing
-sara and her music group
-jules' nice fun life
-music videos
-us singing christmas carols and recording them
-eating marshmallows
-having fun at my english classes with the teacher
-french class with my very best classmate
-sitting in my puff
-being inside my bed in winter time
-talking about illusions
-crazy memories
-going away all of us with the bus
-dreams that come true
-you (even you aren't here)
-anu & the boys
-pearl & the puppets
-lisa mitchell
-a fine frenzy
-beauty in the world
-the bird and the bee
(.......... and others............ )

So now i've written some of my favourite things which i can hardly live with out them!

Anyways today here there's elections I decided i was gonna open a blog and here I am.
I watch a lot APM a program which they make fun about things that happened during the week, it's one of the best shows ever!

--> Firstly let me say it's eight o'clock, and I'm already hungry, so i'm gonna go eat something !

emma :)

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