clear blue and yellow flowers and dots

the rivers were frozen, some leaves where down on the floor, there were guitar strings on the ground and multicolour bird wings. It was very beautiful, colorful, actually. Then you saw a little girl behind a very green tree and ridiculously fast and rude you pointed at her. She wore colorful clothes, full of green, purple, black, white, orange, clear blue and yellow flowers and dots. After a while she looked at us again, this time she got closer, but she still hid behind a tree. You and I pretended that she wasn't there and we continued our picnic. That's when she came, and with her low voice said: -can I please join you?
I think that you look very nice and it would be perfect to share our food with you, i thought. Even though I didn't tell her that. But I discovered she didn't wanted to share food, she wanted to share being friends with her. She was nice. I felt good with her being around.

A few years later, maybe four, I found a girl sitting on the main square of the village, I walked in front of her, when she shouted to me: -Hey, hey there! Do you remember me? I'm that girl you met, and who used to hide behind the trees. Which you were really nice to. Now, i'm too big to hide behind little trees, i followed doing that, but people saw me easier, but they were scared, and didn't talk to a little girl. Now I come here, I sit for two minutes, walk on the crosswalk, walk along the seaside, and sit on a rock from the bay and which is under wooden benches. Do you want to go to the seaside? I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go. I fell in love with the seaside.

After those words, it was me who didn't have much to say. She even listens to one of my favourite songs, it was too much of coincidences. W

Now, we meet each saturday at eleven o'clock at that place :)


gease nests & calm sleeps

because once in a while, everyone has to be even in every way. Luckily now i'll be even, actually tomorrow, tomorrow i'll also be on holidays:)
happy holidays&merry christmas&enjoy the next year.
because i need to enjoy it, you need to enjoy it, we all need to enjoy it, because that's how it should be.

The girl that climbed mountains and slept on the gease nest, embracing their neck. A calm sleep around white gease!

special, it touches you heart <3


three meters above the sky

I used to hide in the forests, behind the trees, behind the big trees, hiding. Hiding from the truth and hiding from the world. I don't want to be completely known by everybody, that's not and will never be my objective because that's not what i'm going for. I want to run to the middle of that flowered-shaped square, and get back to the road, to feel safer, to run back into the star. Reach the stars with you. I'm not reaching the sky, I'm three meters above the sky. Dance in the middle of the walkway full of people, sing sitting in the sand, lying down in the middle of the road after a night full of fireworks. :)


us-> you and i

Him. Sitting on the floor. Alone. Without anyone. He thought that no one was depending on him. It wasn't that way. He had her far away. Really far -at the distance- but actually closest than anybody in his own town. Even closer than his neighbour. Oh! That neighbour.. Always doing noise and bringing his friends upstairs, and yelling at them from the balcony. The neighbour, definetely, wasn't nice, but he had the nicest plants in the balcony. The neighbour didn't even notice him. Also he couldn't notice her, so far away. But she was always hanging on the ropes of freedom far away. He actuallty thought about her so often that he thought of going there. There. Where she flyed all day long. At night she played music -musical instruments and her voice-. She lived in a green island which was only GREEN. No people out there bothering no one, a perfect place. She didn't thought it was perfect. She was missing him to be perfect. Yes, she was missing saying the word US.


the girls that hid under the sheeds

the girls that hid under the sheeds, that's what everyone used to call them. They just stayed all day long under the sheeds giving her ideas to do a dancing coreography ( most times shakira's songs ) to show them at night, with their family looking, they ate marshmallows, with peanutbutter, they ate crispies for breakfast, they went to have imaginary tea at the outsides of the house besides the sea. Oh! that house was great, they also did chocolate cupcakes (but they called them muffins, they didn't care about the differences, they just wanted to eat them)! The best part of the whole day was having the imaginary tea and celebrating a birthday, it never was someone's birthday really, but they gave each other flowers even that it was no one's b-day. They enjoyed just being by the sea, going to get the little crabs under the rocks, to put them into a pot, and bring them to the house and feed them nice colorful sprinkles. But them their little crabs died, and they did a ritual. They did, out of flowers, a potion with lavender also rose petals and they put the mix into a perrier bottle. Then one of the drops fell into the crabs tomb, the crab was buried, with a little mesage with his name. SPOTTY. If someone founded him and wandered his name. I don't think that ever happened, but one day i'll go back to that house, and showed them, that was my house, your house, and SPOTTY'S house.
thanks little crab! :)

little bit of today and the why of the picture!

ULA:D (means hello!) today is chyntia's birthday the cause of the picture, so here you go:
This picture is from a supermarket from Tofino which I visited at summer! they had really nice ''little statues'' like this others! (below)

I had one of the best trips, really nice views from everywhere even of the fog. In a few seconds i'll put today's text, how it should be! ;) HAVE A GOOD DAY & NIGHT EVERYBODY!
luve, emma o)



I actually took this picture while i was riding a bike. A few minutes later without stop riding i put my camera back in my pocket, and the, there you go I fell. This happened in summer, i still have the mark. Anyways between some nice plants during a bike-walk ''street'' i saw this machine, i decided to take a picture of it, because it looked antique, i like the result of the picture thought!