clear blue and yellow flowers and dots

the rivers were frozen, some leaves where down on the floor, there were guitar strings on the ground and multicolour bird wings. It was very beautiful, colorful, actually. Then you saw a little girl behind a very green tree and ridiculously fast and rude you pointed at her. She wore colorful clothes, full of green, purple, black, white, orange, clear blue and yellow flowers and dots. After a while she looked at us again, this time she got closer, but she still hid behind a tree. You and I pretended that she wasn't there and we continued our picnic. That's when she came, and with her low voice said: -can I please join you?
I think that you look very nice and it would be perfect to share our food with you, i thought. Even though I didn't tell her that. But I discovered she didn't wanted to share food, she wanted to share being friends with her. She was nice. I felt good with her being around.

A few years later, maybe four, I found a girl sitting on the main square of the village, I walked in front of her, when she shouted to me: -Hey, hey there! Do you remember me? I'm that girl you met, and who used to hide behind the trees. Which you were really nice to. Now, i'm too big to hide behind little trees, i followed doing that, but people saw me easier, but they were scared, and didn't talk to a little girl. Now I come here, I sit for two minutes, walk on the crosswalk, walk along the seaside, and sit on a rock from the bay and which is under wooden benches. Do you want to go to the seaside? I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go. I fell in love with the seaside.

After those words, it was me who didn't have much to say. She even listens to one of my favourite songs, it was too much of coincidences. W

Now, we meet each saturday at eleven o'clock at that place :)

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