17.6: you feel my powers

Every time you touch my hand, you feel my powers through the veins. I hòpe you like me as I am. This last month, i've loved you more than ever.
Please, do not hate me, I just told you what she asked me to do. If you wrote it, it's because it hurt you, I didn't mean to hurt anybody. I just did what she told me to do. But she won't hate me, she's in love. I want to see the sunshine and live our lifes.


12.3: pensieri e parole

Che ne sai tu di un campo di grano
poesia di un amore profano
la paura d'esser preso per mano, che ne sai

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwGoJduGACc


10: into the wild

Hiding on a room where there's a painting in the middle of the mirror. With four little beds, one bathroom and a wardrobe to keep the suitcases. A day to spend doing nothing on the majestic. Playing twister with UNO cards. Making lipdubs of universal known songs, getting sunburned, waiting on the stairs to enjoy watching other face less common, having a women singing a song about Venice, the city where the lovers go. Eating pasta with tomato and cheese, and as second plate having to eat meat with fries. BEST TRIP TO ITALY!



9.8: just you

future, future, future, future..