Time after time, new chapters & new books

It's been a while since I don't feel the same... luckily. (Which luck is sometimes searched for).
It's been a while since I discovered new places on myself, that brought me new ways of being and seeing, that started new beginnings...

A white blank page, as good as it sound sung by the Mumford&sons, started being written and it is being so. This white blank page that is getting all coloured up, by emotions, thoughts and experiences.
I wish I could put into words or into a drawing a little bit of what I mean.

Spring is the season after a cold winter when flowers start to let their perfume be smelled, birds let their voices be heard, people are seen in the streets of a medieval town, and medieval walls & streets.. though the people are not medieval, at least not as much as the medieval times.
 I lived a pretty spring last year, it's like it's been going on since then. Of course I've lived summer, autumn and winter too, and they have been good. But I believe spring is not just a time of a year, it's an allegory of the way I'm feeling. Walking on a path, that has it's stages and flowers and birds, they come, they go...
 I have realized it's almost spring again and it seemed yesterday that the last one started. That's why I wrote time after time, because suddenly I see myself finding this first signs of spring.
 I like life and living.



Chapter seventeen

An you said yes as I said please...

When you find yourself in a situation that you don't want to change, a situation that you know you can live all your life; you just wanna live everyday intensly with who you want, when and where and how you want... Finally this is where Pe arrived, at this status where life goes by fast, and it can go beautifully fast. The only person to make that choice is you, yourself.

Life is fantastic. Really, really.


Chapter sixteen

Sixteen, when I was sixteen, oh my, my, my.. Everything started when I was sixteen, there had to be a time where it had to end, this prolongation of being sixteen; I didn't had to be sixteen anymore. I am not sixteen anymore.

I can now say, happier than ever, I ended being sixteen. And yes, now I am at another age, but right now this is what I am living. I'll go on living where I am, because I am having a great time doing this.

This last months I've been very busy, not just with my work to do, luckily. I have had so many new things to know about, to discover, and still got things to keep on knowing... I am now a person who loves herself and is not afraid to love all the others, to discover The Art of Loving. -This is the book which I am now reading and sharing.
(Erich Fromm, 1956)

As I said once in a post, or maybe thats what I pretended, my nightmares went away once and they didn't come back. So it is my intention to let it be like this, I really don't want them to come back. I am now very happy with what, who, where, how, and when I am doing.
[It is now true that is useful to know about the 6 W].

Ps. It was -and it is- magnificent.


Chapter fifteen

Finally, Pe's time came. She was so nervous because this time,  it wasn't like all the others no; this time it changed her. She felt like she was doing the right thing with the right person, also she knew that as much as she desired to kiss him, he desired to kiss her.
Before it happened, they talked about it, they discussed it, one made the proposal and the other asked him to do it if that's what he felt. They did it, it was pure magic. They never had felt that special, that good.
Some stories start leaving things behind, he did that, Pe did that. They were both on the same page, both waiting for it to happen, both liking each other that much.. it's hard to explain, but it was like a dream, one of the hardest things to believe.


Chapter fourteen

Little Pe is prepared to do the thing she thinks, they have to be said and done. It's the time!

Just as this song says, you were always on my mind --> http://youtu.be/xFWZLEVM-Lg

PS. Pe discovered the meaning of Arrows, FINALLY!!!! They are once pulled back, to go forward.
You can consider that not just with arrows, also with life, and not in a bad way. Things result the way they do for a reason, we should all agree to this (even that it is really hard to do).

Some of the most important persons choose to step a way from you and, obviously, that hurts. This is why you always have to step up and think that those people have been aside you for a long time, and there might have been a reason for that. Remember as it was, as beautiful as those times were; but don't forget to take a step forward.

We learn to fall but also learn to walk ahead.

PS.2: This is what I have seen (and learnt) today: http://youtu.be/jNFJbvOBEyc