Chapter sixteen

Sixteen, when I was sixteen, oh my, my, my.. Everything started when I was sixteen, there had to be a time where it had to end, this prolongation of being sixteen; I didn't had to be sixteen anymore. I am not sixteen anymore.

I can now say, happier than ever, I ended being sixteen. And yes, now I am at another age, but right now this is what I am living. I'll go on living where I am, because I am having a great time doing this.

This last months I've been very busy, not just with my work to do, luckily. I have had so many new things to know about, to discover, and still got things to keep on knowing... I am now a person who loves herself and is not afraid to love all the others, to discover The Art of Loving. -This is the book which I am now reading and sharing.
(Erich Fromm, 1956)

As I said once in a post, or maybe thats what I pretended, my nightmares went away once and they didn't come back. So it is my intention to let it be like this, I really don't want them to come back. I am now very happy with what, who, where, how, and when I am doing.
[It is now true that is useful to know about the 6 W].

Ps. It was -and it is- magnificent.

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