Chapter fourteen

Little Pe is prepared to do the thing she thinks, they have to be said and done. It's the time!

Just as this song says, you were always on my mind --> http://youtu.be/xFWZLEVM-Lg

PS. Pe discovered the meaning of Arrows, FINALLY!!!! They are once pulled back, to go forward.
You can consider that not just with arrows, also with life, and not in a bad way. Things result the way they do for a reason, we should all agree to this (even that it is really hard to do).

Some of the most important persons choose to step a way from you and, obviously, that hurts. This is why you always have to step up and think that those people have been aside you for a long time, and there might have been a reason for that. Remember as it was, as beautiful as those times were; but don't forget to take a step forward.

We learn to fall but also learn to walk ahead.

PS.2: This is what I have seen (and learnt) today: http://youtu.be/jNFJbvOBEyc


Chapter thirteen.......

Thirteen..... What a number.... It really has been a bad luck year, generally for most of us. I have lost one of the most important persons for me, with this loss I have lost almost all (phisically it is noticeable).
But with this experience I have learnt; I have learnt what I really miss and what I really want, but not just for now, for later too. This is what I finally figured this two bad months, I have realised that I got what I didn't know I wanted, but I lost it, I let it go. And whatever you have realised, I just wish it is really what you want. (After all I care so much about you, that I won't mind your decision), I just ask you to think it well.

[ Just listening to the wonderful group --> http://youtu.be/VRQD5_G-400 ]


Chapter twelve

The time has come for Pe, to fight for what she really wants. The least she has to do is try!!!

At least she has figured out what does she feel and wants to still feeling.


Chapter eleven

The time has come, Pe. Be prepared, life's ahead!


Chapter ten

Well, you must be aware of what you caused to Pe. It wasn't easy in the first place, hurting her didn't make it easier. It's time you aknowladge that by hurting someone you will not feel better. Be aware of what you say, and how. If really what you want is not to hurt Pe.