Chapter thirteen.......

Thirteen..... What a number.... It really has been a bad luck year, generally for most of us. I have lost one of the most important persons for me, with this loss I have lost almost all (phisically it is noticeable).
But with this experience I have learnt; I have learnt what I really miss and what I really want, but not just for now, for later too. This is what I finally figured this two bad months, I have realised that I got what I didn't know I wanted, but I lost it, I let it go. And whatever you have realised, I just wish it is really what you want. (After all I care so much about you, that I won't mind your decision), I just ask you to think it well.

[ Just listening to the wonderful group --> http://youtu.be/VRQD5_G-400 ]

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