Chapter five - BIG DECISIONS

Tomorrow Pe gets to get close to reality, yes, the big day is tomorrow. However she has had the time to accept what's coming ahead of her; all this new decisions to take care of.. Just because there's a new stage means the end of another one, and that's how it is; so Pe is excited of all this new things that are going to start happening tomorrow. Excited could be taken as bad excitement or good. Anyhow, what it is it just is and it can't be changed. -Dear Pe, just be aware of what's ahead of you, take care, xoxo


Chapter four (yes chapter three is far behind)

Chapter three: the confusing time for Pe.
Chapter four: the reality viewed directly from Pe's eyes. Anylonger she had to be shown how reality was. Or at least how it was viewed for those that wanted to show her "reality, the truth of life".
-Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend. I am now the one who will see reality by myself, I am not being shown anymore.- she whispered quietly to her own mind.


Chapter two

Pe loved nothing else than being and leting her be herself. 
Happy Pe returned, she heared: 
-Welcome home!!! Nice to have you back Pe!!!-
As she had gone somewhere else, far away. But she didn't, she just had some time when she wasn't her, eventhough, they said it right. Her animic status caused Pe to feel far away, it was like she hadn't been there those last months. Which was quite that actually; the important thing: Pe got back into her track!!! 


La dansa del vestit

Cookies and sweets are made with love.


Opening day

Last night, Pe finally realized that his negative thought about how it will all end, is not negative. It is just realistic. She tried to be optimistic all this time, but Pe finally gave up, specially when he let her see the reality. He finally stopped being negative, she finally stopped being optimistic. In the end they became neutral, for good, but that caused to fade almost everything away. 

They realized they'd be torn apart, and nothing could stop that tearing. It's the end of the world as we know it. 

And then, the next day came.. The "opening" day. Everything opened up to their eyes. Reality.