Time after time, new chapters & new books

It's been a while since I don't feel the same... luckily. (Which luck is sometimes searched for).
It's been a while since I discovered new places on myself, that brought me new ways of being and seeing, that started new beginnings...

A white blank page, as good as it sound sung by the Mumford&sons, started being written and it is being so. This white blank page that is getting all coloured up, by emotions, thoughts and experiences.
I wish I could put into words or into a drawing a little bit of what I mean.

Spring is the season after a cold winter when flowers start to let their perfume be smelled, birds let their voices be heard, people are seen in the streets of a medieval town, and medieval walls & streets.. though the people are not medieval, at least not as much as the medieval times.
 I lived a pretty spring last year, it's like it's been going on since then. Of course I've lived summer, autumn and winter too, and they have been good. But I believe spring is not just a time of a year, it's an allegory of the way I'm feeling. Walking on a path, that has it's stages and flowers and birds, they come, they go...
 I have realized it's almost spring again and it seemed yesterday that the last one started. That's why I wrote time after time, because suddenly I see myself finding this first signs of spring.
 I like life and living.


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