the girls that hid under the sheeds

the girls that hid under the sheeds, that's what everyone used to call them. They just stayed all day long under the sheeds giving her ideas to do a dancing coreography ( most times shakira's songs ) to show them at night, with their family looking, they ate marshmallows, with peanutbutter, they ate crispies for breakfast, they went to have imaginary tea at the outsides of the house besides the sea. Oh! that house was great, they also did chocolate cupcakes (but they called them muffins, they didn't care about the differences, they just wanted to eat them)! The best part of the whole day was having the imaginary tea and celebrating a birthday, it never was someone's birthday really, but they gave each other flowers even that it was no one's b-day. They enjoyed just being by the sea, going to get the little crabs under the rocks, to put them into a pot, and bring them to the house and feed them nice colorful sprinkles. But them their little crabs died, and they did a ritual. They did, out of flowers, a potion with lavender also rose petals and they put the mix into a perrier bottle. Then one of the drops fell into the crabs tomb, the crab was buried, with a little mesage with his name. SPOTTY. If someone founded him and wandered his name. I don't think that ever happened, but one day i'll go back to that house, and showed them, that was my house, your house, and SPOTTY'S house.
thanks little crab! :)

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