us-> you and i

Him. Sitting on the floor. Alone. Without anyone. He thought that no one was depending on him. It wasn't that way. He had her far away. Really far -at the distance- but actually closest than anybody in his own town. Even closer than his neighbour. Oh! That neighbour.. Always doing noise and bringing his friends upstairs, and yelling at them from the balcony. The neighbour, definetely, wasn't nice, but he had the nicest plants in the balcony. The neighbour didn't even notice him. Also he couldn't notice her, so far away. But she was always hanging on the ropes of freedom far away. He actuallty thought about her so often that he thought of going there. There. Where she flyed all day long. At night she played music -musical instruments and her voice-. She lived in a green island which was only GREEN. No people out there bothering no one, a perfect place. She didn't thought it was perfect. She was missing him to be perfect. Yes, she was missing saying the word US.

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