5.85: the meaning of your smile

[...]As it tints the shade of you[...]



(HIM)She's got you high, and you don't even know yet. Search for the time, before it leaves without you. Search her, please do.
(HER)Turn around, you never come around, turn around, and I need you more than ever.

(HIM)One time i fallen in love, now i'm only falling apart
(HER&HIM) Total eclipse of the heart


She always thought that she shouldn't be so over him, but she couldn't resist any longer. He was very passive those days. She tried to reach him. He didn't appear, his only hobby was to sleep while she was downstairs, and find the other people who were with her, and call them only twenty minutes later, when the bus left. She thanked him, ironically, of course. He never told her, that he was sorry to not be there. Then why should she believe anything he told to her friends? SEE YOU IN DREAMS, only

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