9.214: a singer in a smoky room

-I, imagine green grass all around me, some on top of my hair too, from the little nice fight i just had with you, running next to big bunches of green grass.
-I, imagine myself, lying on the floor, dreaming of a little world for me, with the prettiest clouds out on the sky, a house full of guests, really nice people in the house, maybe one is called shri, he'll start talking to me as i'm a normal person who has to have a normal life, but shri will be really nice, and he won't care if i'm normal or not, he just will want someone to talk, and not being alone on that big room where most of the people will be talking to someone, they will have their cup on tea with cookies, being as fancy as possible, but shri and I will feel we won't need to be fancy as them. Shri, will be doing more than normal wherever he will be, thankyou shri for caring, really, for a person who needed attention.
-I, imagine what I need.

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